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Sweet Like Chocolate, Boy


Presented by Tristan Fynn-Aiduenu
Produced by Playback Drama & Dreamarts Youth Charity
Supported by The Initiative DKF

Hosted by The Cockpit

"You ever look out of your estate and feel like there is something...Beautiful here...but nobody's happy enough to see it?"

Mars is a street-smart, enthusiastic, lyrically saturated young man on the way to propose to the girl of his dreams...and join a Black lives matters march to woo her for good measure . But on the way, he meets a barrage of characters - both alive and undead - questioning his heart , head, health and hubris in the London borough of Obsidian.

On the other side, Bounty is a very quiet boy in the very loud borough of Obsidian - but in the 80s and 90s. Living in a strict household, he is in constant awe of the politically charged Black world around him. It is all spiritually explosive stuff; but as Bounty witnesses deaths & births, riots & carnivals, love & indifference - he questions whether he is has both the strength and will to survive.

As the worlds of Mars & Bounty collide, can they find their place in these times or will they get chewed, swallowed and digested by it?

Sweet Like Chocolate Boy, is a storytelling epic that melts timelines, lives, fantasy, garage, jungle and brings to the boil the broiling estates of London.


Tej Obano as BOUNTY (@TejObano)
Tristan Fynn-Aiduenu as MARS (@TristanFAiduenu)
Alice Fofana as THE GIRL (@Glow_Coco)


This special one-off production is co-directed with award winning collaborators Lynette Linton, Toby Clarke & Sean Graham. Hosted by Ebun Ali & includes sumptuous curtain raising performances by:


"Imaginative and thought provoking writing, breaking down stereotypes of Black life and times, Especially relevant at a time when black lives and their historical importance are continually being dissected and scrutinized in the media, here is proof of what black youth in Britain are capable of achieving - creating art beyond their societal constrictions" - Ana Petralta, Blogger, on Sweet Like Chocolate, Boy

"I'd keep a watch for some of Fynn-Aiduenu's work in the future .He taps into a real understanding of character which is both real and distant from it's audience - no easy feat"  Jake Orr, A Younger Theatre Website, on Skeen!


This is the launch event of The Sweet Like Chocolate Project: a year long artistic, storytelling exploration into Black British life in the last two decades .

Saturday 1st April - 2pm


(Not on sale)




Gateforth Street
London NW8 8EH
Box Office: 020 7258 2925
(10.30am - 6pm, Monday - Friday,
12 noon - 6pm, Saturday)

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