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Immerse Yourself in American Accents

Who could benefit from this course?

  • Any actors who need accent work.
  • Actors to whom picking up accents doesn't come naturally
  • Actors who find themselves thinking too hard about the accent when they do it for an audition

How does it work?

  • Students will cover General American, Southern dialect and New York sound.
  • Sections of the workshop dedicated to individual problems or challenges that you might be facing regarding American accents.
  • Participants will look at different markers: Age, Gender, Sexuality, etc...
  • Focused feedback
  • A small intimate group of co-students in a non-judgmental atmosphere

What do you gain?

  • Written materials to use for later reference
  • Basic understanding of how to produce three different American dialects
  • Skills and an approach to learning accents that will be transferable to other accents.


£70 (10% off for  Vanguard Members. There are a limited number of Vanguard place available and you must be logged in for the discount.)

Teacher/Creator Biog

Naomi Todd is a MFA candidate in Voice Studies at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama. While performing in regional theatres on the West coast of the USA, she became interested in dialects. This moved her to complete a Masters degree in Applied Linguistics and Romance Languages from the University of Oregon, USA where she has worked for the past 5 years teaching pronunciation through performance for international students.


"Naomi takes all of the unnecessary over-thinking out of learning a new accent. She helped me immensely by giving me specific tools that were personal to my needs and my learning style and I came away from the session feeling much more confident."  Tempeste Hepenstall-Brown - Former student

"Naomi is a great accent coach. I’ve been working on my General American with her and I always find my accent much improved at the end of the session. She helps get the sounds into your body and muscle memory, not just into your head!" An Actor client of Naomi Todd

This course is part of Cockpit Career Builder. High quality professional training accessible and affordable to all.
These classes and workshops are designed to give the practical support and skills needed by performers new to, or looking to break into, the industry. Also for actors already working but wanting to gain the experience and confidence to break into a new area of performance.
Our tutors are all working actors and directors with many years of experience in TV, Film and Theatre. Together they provide a storehouse of knowledge and techniques, helping new actors gain the tools and self assurance they need to gain work in the profession. Many classes have small numbers of students, enabling personal tuition and feedback. Teaching is tailored to the groups and students receive personal attention enabling them to grow as performers.