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Making Theatre With Improvisation

This class is part of: Theatre Maker classes

Who could benefit from this course?
Actors and aspiring actors, both professional and amateur. Improvisation is useful if you wish to write character lead dramas and you can also apply the skills to devising.

How does it work?
The work is based on the ideas of Viola Spolin and Keith Johnstone but also Chris's own experience and a technique known as slopro he has developed. This adds silence and pause to improvisations giving real human and dramatic scenes. At points Chris will side coach improvisations nudging the participants in interesting and rewarding directions.

What do you gain?
As well as improvisation skills for playing live shows, auditions and off script exercises when working on text, it can enhance text based acting. It helps you become more reactive, a better listener and to be more truly in the moment. You'll be able to improvise various scenes ranging from comic to dramatic.

£160.00 (10% discount for Vanguard Members & Theatre Maker Members - you must be logged in to your member account to receive the discount and places are (very) limited as the classes are small, so get booking!)


Thurs 10 May - 14 June, 7PM - 10PM Buy Tickets



Gateforth Street
London NW8 8EH
Box Office: 020 7258 2925
(10.30am - 6pm, Monday - Friday,
12 noon - 6pm, Saturday)

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