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Making Theatre Using Commedia Dell'Arte


This class is part of: Theatre Maker Classes

Who could benefit from this course?
Anyone who wishes to explore traditional forms of theatre and ways of creating theatre through masked and unmasked physical comedy. Commedia ruled the world for over 3 centuries and influenced practitioners from; Chaplin to Picasso, and companies like Complicite to the National Theatre. This practice continues to form a basis for all sorts of artists today.

This course is for anyone who wants to play.

How does it work?
Students will learn both logic and physical interpretation of traditional Commedia characters, plots, and lazzi with authentic masks and batoccios though rehearsal and performance.
Students will learn how to use mask effectively and how mask can still be used today in current theatrical processes.
Lessons teach physical gestus and behaviours of characters which are then reinforced with improvisation and scenario building.
This will lead to a performance at the end of the course. 

What do you gain?
A knowledge of one of the oldest and most vital forms of theatre the world has ever experienced.
An understanding and ability to feel confident in mask work and knowledge of mask process.
A bank of characters that you can call on in the future for role development (especially helpful in auditions).
A grounding in improvisation that can fuel future working practises.
A network of actors who you will work with and will most likely again.
A deeper understanding of plot forms.
Why basic ingredients are always necessary.
Most importantly - fun, real fun.

£160.00 (10% discount for Vanguard Members & Theatre Maker Members - you must be logged in to your member account to receive the discount and places are (very) limited as the classes are small, so get booking!)


Wed 9 May - 13 June, 7PM - 10PM Buy Tickets



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