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God's Waiting Room

8:00 PM Sunday, 11 June 2017
The Cockpit, Gateforth Street, NW8 8EH

 Produced and Presented by Motormouse Productions
Written by Karen Bartholomew

Hosted by The Cockpit

Mother is dying slowly, the wait is unbearable, the pressures insurmountable, the thoughts unbelievable. Surely a gesture towards God's bigger plan is needed? Sisters, Stella and Connie may be different from one another but share a common and profound love for their Mother. Can things really continue as they are?

We'll be hosting a post-show discussion afterwards with the cast and show partners. It will be light, informal and fun and we welcome audience feedback and discussion about the issues raised from the play. 

"A brave, and moving piece of writing. Moments of intimacy catch you unawares amid the humour. Beautifully mixing laughs with unbearable pain.” Ruth D'Silva

The production is kindly supported by Arts Council England and Unity Theatre Trust.

Running Time: 1hr

Sunday 11th June - 8:00pm