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This is Shakespeare as you have never done it before. We combine a raft of specific skills for decoding Shakespeare’s directions embedded in the First Folio text with a performance workshop. You get the skills, your lines, your cues, you learn them, have two hours of one-to-one verse nursing from the specialist teachers, you come up with your own costume, 3 weeks later you arrive and perform. You have your scene partner, you know what you have to do and say – but how will they affect you? What will they say?  This is acting in the very heart of the moment – and it is truly amazing to do!

Enroll on this 2-part course for the acting challenge of your life! Working with specialist Shakespeare text and acting tutor Lizzie Conrad Hughes, and experienced text & voice teacher Dewi Hughes, you will learn fool proof skills for appreciating Shakespeare’s texts from a new perspective, and use everything you know about truthful connection, and being affected by your partner in the moment to achieve a performance.

 Who would take this course?
• Actors who have some experience with Shakespeare, but feel there may be something more to discover
• Actors who want to hone the skills they already have and take their acting to the next level
• Actors wanting to challenge themselves and push their performing boundaries into new territory


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What do you get?
• A comprehensive system for approaching and performing Shakespeare’s text
• Personal attention and feedback from two specialist tutors
• A performance workshop with like-minded, dedicated performers
• Potentially, the opportunity to continue the work and join the company in performing whole plays using this
- The opportunity to perforn at a unique theatrical venue, & make a tiny piece of theatre history

What are the benefits?
• You will be equipped with a fool proof approach to Shakespeare's text, which you can apply to any classic text
• You will learn how to engage emotionally and intellectually with the text
• You will build confidence and gain valuable tools & experience


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Workshop class and Performance £230:
cost includes:
- 2 hours one-to-one verse nursing as arranged between participant & tutors

**Options for Shakespeare:Direct Graduates: 
Performance & Verse Nursing (Graduates only) £100:
cost includes:
- 2 hours one-to-one verse nursing as arranged between participant & tutors

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Gateforth Street
London NW8 8EH
Box Office: 020 7258 2925
(10.30am - 6pm, Monday - Friday,
12 noon - 6pm, Saturday)

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The Cockpit is part of City of Westminster College.

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