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Shakespeare: Making Scenes

Enrol on this 6-week class to work on scenes (and maybe a few monologues) from Shakespeare. Working with professional Shakespeare text teacher Lizzie Conrad Hughes, you will build confidence in your abilities with the text, gather together a set of valuable and flexible performance techniques, and work as a company to produce high quality, dramatic performances.

Who might this course appeal to? 

  • Actors who want to brush up their Shakespeare skills and take their acting to the next level
  • Actors lacking a systematic approach to their acting and confidence with Shakespeare

What will you get?

  • A comprehensive system for approaching Shakespeare’s text
  • A technique in working sensitively moment to moment with another actor
  • Personal attention and feedback from an experienced teacher
  • A company ethic where all members support each other

What are the benefits?

  • You will learn a fool proof approach to Shakespeare’s text, which an inform all your work an actor
  • You will learn how to engage emotionally with text and your acting partner
  • You will build confidence in your own instinctive responses onstage

Course length: 6 sessions

Cost: £220
Vanguard members£198.00

Note for Vanguard members: Places limited to one per person. There are a (very) limited number of Vanguard places available on each date, so booking well in advance is advised if you want to take advantage of the discount.

Future Dates TBC

What our former participants say:

“If you’ve ever felt like you don’t know Shakespeare well enough to be able to perform it, then I can’t express enough how much Lizzie is the best person to guide you." - Mary Ann Cafferkey

“The Shakespeare course with Lizzie was a great experience and showed us how to honour Shakespeare's text whilst also being free, real & creative. I would definitely recommend it." - Nick Dowlatshahi

DISCLAIMER: Please Note:
Actors will need to be available to meet between classes to run lines with their scene partners once scenes are allocated.  All students will be treated as professional actors, and members of a theatre company; as such, professional behaviour and mutual respect are expected at all times.  Students are required to be confidently off-book by the deadline set by the director.  All students are required to attend all classes. Failure to do so, and any other unacceptable or behaviour, may result in the participant being removed from the course and excluded from the final performance without refund of the course fee.


Lizzie Conrad Hughes


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