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Meisner Stage 3: Character, Text & Scene Work

"I've always remembered something Sanford Meisner, my acting teacher, told us. When you create a character, it's like making a chair, except instead of making something out of wood, you make it out of yourself. That's the actor's craft - using yourself to create a character."
- Robert Duvall

Learning how to free your impulses and follow your instincts in your acting is vital, and this is what the first half of the Meisner Technique focuses on.

In this final stage of the technique, you will focus on how to apply these skills to creating character, and approaching text work.

The demands of the industry require that an actor hits their mark, remembers their blocking, brings their truth to a character that might be worlds away from them in behaviour, belief, age or culture. The Meisner Technique covers these demands in a systematic, simple yet effective way.

This stage takes what you have learnt about text analysis as we apply it to monologues. You will apply improvisation skills to find hidden depth to your monologue, and text analysis will enable to you play it truthfully and deeply, and you will learn how to add ‘character’ to your work.

This area of the technique allows you to now bring in a sense of play and theatricality to your work. Looking at different genres, you will learn how to consistently apply a sense of truth to your performance, and also how to add characteristics, such as age, under the influence of drink/drugs, physical handicaps, accents whilst still remaining connected to your performance.

Stage 3 Grad ClassCredit: Dominic Kelly

The final part of the training teaches you how to play a scene with your partner, rich in emotional colour, and full of instinctive choices, whilst still remaining true to the authors intentions and a director’s vision.     

After your training, you will be able to continue your development with the technique (after all Meisner himself said it takes 20 years to become a great actor!) Drop-ins, Scene Study and other courses run by the salon:collective are specifically chosen to enrich a Meisner actor's training, with most teachers a graduate of the technique themselves. Find out more at; www.thesaloncollective.org.


Course Length: 24 sessions/12 weeks (not including breaks)


Cost: £980 (Earlybird discount price £780, available up to 3 weeks before the start date)


Dominic's Text Analysis runs as a separate module throughout the year. It is based on Meisner's own method and David Mamet's version. All students will need to have completed this module before starting Stage 3.


Tutor; Dominic Kelly           


About Dom                          


"Each scene is rigorously analysed with a simple but fail proof technique: the scene happens to you rather than the actor forcing something (untruthful) to emerge. Dom is as ever a supporting, encouraging but above all a sensitive director, a rare breed."
- Sophie Gateclou Marest

"These courses are absolutely unmissable for anyone who is serious about their acting and wants to learn how to be truthful in the moment. You will push yourself in ways you never thought possible and discover just how real it can get!  A phenomenal experience."
- John Kelley