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Meisner Stage 1: Emotional Connection

The Meisner Technique is one of the most popular approaches to acting. Learn how to: unleash truthful, emotional performances; let go of self-consciousness; expand your acting range; build self awareness; develop the ability to act moment to moment. Successful participants will be encouraged to join Dominic’s sought after full Meisner training package:

Who could benefit from this course?

• Actors who feel out of practice & want to re-hone their skills
• Anyone seeking a systematic approach to acting
• Actors looking to unlock their emotional potential & conquer self consciousness

How does it work?
• Practice working moment to moment with another actor
• Focused feedback and individual attention
• A supportive environment to explore personal challenges
• A small intimate group of co-students in a non-judgmental atmosphere

What do you gain?
• Become emotionally available, enhancing your versatility as an actor
• Learn to respond honestly to external impulses
• Become a present and truthful actor

Course Length: 5 sessions/5 weeks, same day every week

Cost: £170
Vanguard members: £153 (Saturday class ONLY, limited availablility)



Tues 7 Nov - 5 Dec 2017, 6:30PM - 9:00PM More Info
Wed 8 Nov - 6 Dec 2017, 3:00PM - 5:30PM More Info
Sat 11 Nov - 09 Dec 2017, 10:30AM - 1:00PM More Info

Please Note: This forms part of a continuous course, broken up into stages allowing for practice between modules and to give students the opportunity to work as they learn. Each stage is based on Meisner's own systematic approach of actor training, therefore the courses need to be taken sequentially. 

No restrictions on age, gender or background. English to a conversation level.

Dominic's Text Analysis class runs as a separate module throughout the year. It is based on Meisner's own method and David Mamet's version. All students will need to complete this module before starting Stage 3.

The course has been specifically designed to be taken on the given dates, but should you be unable to continue with a stage, you are able to practice your skills in Meisner Drop-in classes until another chance to take the course occurs.

Past Participants have said:

"It's been such an eye opening experience. Even though it's only been five weeks, I feel like I've learnt so much - not only Meisner as a technique - but about myself as a person. I can't wait to learn more!"
- June 2014

"I feel more relaxed and confident as an actor and learnt how to express myself truthfully." 
- Vanessa C. June 2014

"It was fantastic and I am very inspired to continue with Meisner at The Cockpit"
- Ali Wright, June 2014

"From the start the environment set up felt safe. I was encouraged to explore & felt inspired to do so. Looked so forward to every week and I truly feel a difference in my work.
- Jenna L. May 2014

"Very open atmosphere -[give you the] ability to feel comfortable & express yourself. Dom was nurturing, constructive & allowed you to explore your emotions and project them"
- Ben W. May 2014

Tutor; Dominic Kelly            Tutor; Alex Vendittelli

Dominic Kelly    Alex Venditelli

About Dom                           About Alex

"Dominic Kelly's classes capture the same unique spirit and essence I received whilst studying at the Neighbourhood Playhouse, the birthplace and home of the Meisner technique."  - Neil Allen

"Dominic has the ability & knowledge to see and bring out the best in people." - Henry, June 2014

"Alex is a very supportive teacher. He sets up a kind and giving atmosphere in class, which allows us to safely open up. Can't wait to see where working more with him will lead!"  - Sanee Patel

the salon:collective

This course is run by the salon:collective, a thriving actor training organisation offering a range of courses designed around the modern working actor.  The ethos of our training is influenced by the Meisner technique of acting, each tutor has a fully grounded knowledge of the technique, in addition to their own specialism: physical theatre, Shakespeare, voice work and screen acting.